Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 44-Wednesday & Day 45

Day 44-
Last day in Colombia :(
We first went to the Embassy...Uncle was kind enough to let us sit in on some immigration interviews. They were really interesting, thanks!
Next, we went down to get pedicures and manicures for N,R, and Auntie, haircut for J.
Afterwards, we came home and finished packing and got ready to leave. When Uncle came home from work we went down to that pizza shop we went to before...the place with the huge slices ;)
We left "home" for the airport around 8pm. Our flight was at midnight. Everything went smoothly... We were very sad to leave :(
We have had such a great time here. Thank you, auntie and uncle, for putting up with us. We had an awesome summer...You went waaay out of your way to let us stay....We are truly grateful!

Day 45-
This morning at 5am we arrived in Houston. It was a loooong (almost sleepless) night. It was 6am by the time we got through immigration/customs. Mom was there to meet us. We had a 6 hr drive back home...Mom started out, then N, then R....each about 2 hrs. We stopped at ihop for breakfast....really good! Thanks mom. We got home and unpacked in a daze, we were all so very tired...
.:.arrival in sleepy....:.
This has truly been the best summer ever....Thank you to everyone who made it so wonderful. :)


  1. Aw, the adventures are over... That's too bad! I'm going to miss seeing all the pics and your crazy captions! :D N, is that an unASHAMED shirt I see?? :)

  2. in answer to the question, yes, that it is ;)

  3. Thanks so much for the wonderful blog! I have truly enjoyed your great descriptions of your summer adventures as well as all the photos.
    Glad you are back home safely. Have a great school year!

  4. Awww! I have truly enjoyed reading about your adventures and it almost made me cry when I got to the end, knowing it came to a close. I love summers like that!